Welcome to PICPA USA

Welcome message from PICPA-USA president ! It has been 37 years since PICPA-USA’s inception and the unwavering commitment and determination of past leaders and officers had shaped the foundations of this organization. After seventeen years, I have been tasked to lead PICPA-USA again. We celebrate another beginning as we look back with respect and admiration at the achievements of those who served before us. With the dedicated efforts and commitment of the officers and directors, we accept the challenges. It’s both a privilege and an honor to serve this organization. The fellowship, hospitality and warm welcome I received have been more than enough determination to serve as long as I have. This is where I found most of my mentors and the boost of confidence I gained helped me take on every challenges I have encountered. I’m grateful for all the appreciation and recognition afforded me by the organization and the friendship and camaraderie are just a bonus. Debbie Abad President